USGA Pendulum

Using the pendulum testing apparatus; a golf clubhead is impacted several times by a small steel pendulum. A characteristic time between the clubhead and pendulum is recorded for each impact. The characteristic time is directly related to the flexibility of the golf clubhead, Ref. Technical Description of the Pendulum Test.

This method uses the characteristic time to determine the conformity of a golf clubhead to Appendix II, Rule 5a of the Rules of Golf. For more details on the USGA Pendulum, click here.

The USGA appoints certain manufacturers to build their pendulums per their design, and ADC is fortunate enough to be one of them. Before procuring a pendulum device from ADC, the customer must obtain a pendulum license from either the USGA or the R&A. Each Pendulum manufactured by ADC will be furnished exactly per the USGA drawings, specification and design.

ADC cannot include the ‘calibration club’ that is only available to club manufacturers from either the USGA or R&A. If the customer wishes the pendulum to be calibrated by ADC, the ‘calibration club’ will need to be furnished. We highly recommend that the customer take advantage of this opportunity.

The following specified electronic control components are included:

  • Pico USB Oscilloscope #4224-05
  • The ADC Loft Kit
  • Accelerometer #353B16
  • Cable #018C10 (Accelerometer to Scope

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