Custom Programming

ADC is in the business of providing custom, mission-critical applications that meet the needs of the problem at economical prices. Some of the common types of applications we produce include:

  • Serial and Ethernet Data Collection
  • Database Integration
  • Industrial Protocol Drivers
  • Custom OPC Clients and Servers
  • Graphical Demonstration Software for Trade Shows and Demo Units
  • Machine Vision and High-Speed Video Recording

Supported Languages:

  • C#
  • ANSI C/C++
  • Visual Basic 6/.NET
  • Visual C++/.NET
  • Java

Industrial Programming

For modern automation, programming of industrial devices like PLCs, Motion Controllers, Interfaces, and Data Collection Systems has become as integral as the mechanical engineering or electrical control aspects of a projects. Automated Design’s highly-skilled programming staff is experienced in programming a wide-range of industrial applications and motion solutions.

Communications and distributed control has become a specialty of ADC. Today’s industrial projects typically require devices to communicate with other components throughout the machine, the process, even an entire facility or factory. ADC is an expert in serial and Ethernet communications, including any of your Modbus, DeviceNET, or ControlNET needs

Finally, SCADA systems continue to revolutionize the way manufacturers manage their process and optimize their maintenance. ADC is experienced with many SCADA solutions and providers, including Allen-Bradley, ICONICS, Falcon/ASAP, WonderWare, as well as some economical SCADA solutions you may not have considered yet.


  • Allen-Bradley: RSView, RSLogix 500, 5000, DNET, PanelBuilder, RSLinx
  • Beckhoff: TC2 & TC3
  • Mitusbishi: GX Developer
  • Modicon/Schneider: ProWorx32, TwidoSoft
  • GE Fanuc: LogicMaster
  • Idec: WindLDR
  • ADC Serial Recorder/Data Collection Software
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008


  • Allen Bradley, Beckhoff, Mitsubishi, Modicon, G/E, Idec PLCs
  • PC Control
  • Lenze, AC Tech Servo Motion Controllers and AC Drives
  • Baldor Drives and Motion Controllers
  • Delta Motion Controllers
  • Yaskawa, Applied Motion, Pac Sci


  • Modbus/TCP, Modbus RTU
  • DeviceNET, ControlNET
  • Ethernet, EthernetIP
  • Remote I/O
  • Embedded Web-Server
  • Distributed Control
  • OPC Servers